Add an MLLP trading delivery

A trading partner delivery is an object that specifies how you want your local community to send messages over the Internet to a remote partner. This topic describes how to create a trading partner delivery for sending client requests to an MLLP server.


The partner delivery resides in a partner object. Before you add a partner delivery you must add a partner object to represent the MLLP client partner.


  1. In the user interface, select Partners > Manage partners to open the Partners page.
  2. Select the partner you want to use to represent your MLLP client partner.
  3. On the partner map of the partner summary page, click the Partner delivery icon.
  4. On the Delivery exchanges page, click Add a delivery.
  5. On the Choose message protocol page, select No packaging and click Next.
  6. On the Choose transport protocol page, select MLLP and click Next.
  7. On the Configure the MLLP settings page, complete the fields:
    • MLLP server – Enter the address of the MLLP server to which you are connecting.
    • Port – Enter the server port for MLLP connections.
    • Client must use TLS to connect to this server – Select this option if TLS is required for the client connection to the MLLP server.
    • Enable host name verification – If you require TLS use for connection to the server, you can optionally select this additional security feature.
  8. On the Exchange name page, enter a name for the partner delivery.
  9. Click Finish.

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