Add an AS4 trading delivery

To configure a new AS4 delivery:

  1. From the menu bar select Partners > Manage partners to open the Partners page.
  2. Click the name of a partner to which you want to add the delivery.
  3. In map graphic, click the Partner delivery icon to open the Partner deliveries page.
  4. Click Add a delivery to open the exchange wizard.
  5. In the Choose message protocol page, select AS4 (HTTP) and click Next.
  6. Configure the HTTP settings for AS4 exchanges:
    • URL – The URL for connecting to the trading partner's server. Click Encode if the URL contains spaces or non-alphanumeric characters, to encode the characters. Click Decode to reverse the transformation. For example, if you enter bar and click Encode the URL becomes
    • Message Partition Channel (MPC) – The Message Partition Channel(MPC) is a required attribute of any AS4 message exchange. MPCs enable the partitioning the flow of messages from a sending participant a receiving participant, into several flows that can be controlled separately and consumed differently. They also allow for merging flows from several sending participants, into a unique flow that will be treated as such by a receiver.
    • In this field, you can specify the MPC to use for AS4 message deliveries to this partner.
    • This value is used both for a final push configuration option and for secondary pull authorization checks.
    • If the MPC value has already been set in the metadata (for example by a Message Attributes Template), the pre-set metadata value will override any value you set in this field.
    • If you do not specify an MPC in this field, and there is no preset metadata value, the default-implicit (empty) MPC is selected.
    • For details about MPCs, see Message Partition Channels (MPC).
    • Clients must use SSL to connect to this server – Select this option to have Secure Sockets Layer protocol in use during connections. The server presents a certificate for verification. To do this, a certificate assigned to a partner must be designated as the SSL certificate. The server must support SSL. If this option is not selected, connections are not encrypted.
      • Enable host name verification – Select this additional SSL option if you want Activator to compare the name of the SSL server to the name in the server’s certificate, to ensure that they are the same.
    • This server requires a user name and password – If necessary for your connection, select this option, and then type a user name and password to connect to the server.
  7. Click Next.
  8. On the Exchange name page, enter a meaningful name for the delivery.
  9. Click Finish.

After you add an AS4 trading delivery

When you add an AS4 trading delivery, the delivery is displayed in the list of pickups in the Partner's Trading deliveries page. When you add the delivery, the product automatically assigns a set of default values. You can open the delivery and modify these values to optimize trading characteristics.

See Modify an AS4 trading delivery.

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