Add a trading engine node

After you log on to the user interface for the first time, you must add a trading engine (TE) node. A node is an instance of a Java virtual machine. Your license might allow you to run many TE nodes. TE nodes perform the work of the application. Having multiple TE nodes is a way of managing processing workloads in a computer cluster.

  1. From the menu bar, select System management.
  2. The System management page displays the server on which Activator was recently installed. Initially, only a control node is displayed for the server in the "System nodes" list.
  3. You can only add one TE node at a time. If you want to add another TE node, repeat this procedure, up to the limit specified in the license.xml file.
  4. Select the computer to add the TE node. As a new user, you probably want to select the computer where Activator was recently installed. However, if a computer cluster has been set up, you can select another computer provided Interchange has been started on that computer.
  5. Select Add to add the TE node.
  6. The System management page displays the trading engine node you added for the selected server. The status is not running.
  7. Click Start to the right of the trading engine node name to start the node. When the TE node starts, the status changes to running.
  8. With a running trading engine node in place, you can configure the application and users.

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