Trading engine governance script

A script is available for starting or stopping Activator server or checking the server status. The script is named Activator.bat on Windows and Activator on UNIX or Linux. The script is located in the trading engine root directory.

Execute the script without parameters to display the options. The parameters are:

  • start – Starts Activator server.
  • stop – Stops Activator server.
  • status – Displays whether Activator server is running.
  • restart – Restarts Activator server.
  • start-and-wait – Starts Activator server. The server status is displayed in the current console window; a second console window for displaying status is suppressed.

The start and stop parameters duplicate the functionality of stopServer and startServer scripts in the trading engine bin directory (see Tools in bin directory). You can use either method. If your system is Windows, you optionally can run Activator as a service or manually start the server on the Start menu.

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