Back up a partner

You can back up (or "export") a partner and public key certificate to an XML file. You can then use the backup file (known as a partner profile) deployment, promotion, local restoration, or give it to your trading partners who use B2Bi, Interchange or Activator. If your partners use other interoperable trading software, consult with them on the data they require of you to establish trading relationships.

Similarly, a trading partner who uses B2Bi, Interchange or Activator can export a partner configuration and public key certificate to a file and give it to you to import as a partner. For trading partners who use other interoperable software, collect the trading data you need and then manually create a partner object tor represent the trading partner in the user interface. The Partner data form provides a way to document the data needed to create a partner object.

A backed up partner profile contains information such as the partner name and routing ID, as well as the configured transports for sending messages to the partner. If there is more than one exchange, the order of the transports is preserved. The first listed exchange is the default.

Other preferences included in exported partner profile files include:

  • All advanced settings that display on transport maintenance pages in the user interface, such as maximum concurrent connections, retries, connection, response and read time-outs.
  • HTTP chunking and attempted restarts for HTTP.
  • Transport friendly names.
  • The transport’s setting for backing up files.
  • The paths and file names of post-processing scripts, but not the scripts themselves.
  • Information for inline processing Java classes is included in exported profiles, but not the Java classes themselves.
  • If the profile has an FTP transport with an alternate command set file, that preference is included in the exported file, but not the command set file itself.

If you are upgrading from earlier versions, you can create backup files of partners and import them as partner profiles in this version.

  1. In the Activator user interface, from the Partners menu, select Manage partners to open the Partners page.
  2. Click on the name of the partner you want to back up, to open the Summary page for that partner.
  3. At the bottom of the partner summary page, click Export this partner’s profile.
  4. Select Save File and click OK.

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