Back up a community as a partner

Before you back up (or "export") a community configuration to a file as a partner profile, make sure the community has been completely configured.

If you have associated a certificate with the community, the certificate and public key is exported with the profile.

If the community has more than one trading pickup for receiving messages from partners, the default pickup is the preferred transport. The default pickup is the one that displays at the top of the list on the community’ s Trading pickups page. Before you export the community, you can change the default trading pickup or disable a transport to refine the options available to your partner.

Distribute the profile to our trading partners by a secure means. If you send the profile file to trading partners as an e-mail attachment, we recommend compressing it with WinZip or similar software to ensure file integrity.

You only can export a community in a form usable as a partner profile. You cannot export the community by itself as a usable community profile. You can, however, export an entire community (the community profile and all associated partner profiles). For more information see Back up a community and its partners.

If you give the profile file to a trading partner who uses Interchange or Activator 4.2.x or earlier, the partner’s system prompts for additional information in the imported partner profile. The partner’s system prompts for the community’s address, city and state or zip code. This information is not part of a community profile. You can either provide your trading partner with this information or the partner can determine what to enter upon importing the profile.

Community backup as partner procedure

  1. In the Axway Activator user interface, from the Trading configuration menu, select Manage trading configuration to open the Communities page.
  2. Click on the name of the community you want to back up as a partner profile, to open the Summary page for that community.
  3. At the bottom of the community summary page, click Export this community as a partner profile.
  4. Select Save File and click OK.
  5. Activator generates a partner profile XML using the community characteristics.

After you back up a community as a partner

You can send the partner profile to your trading partners, or use the partner profile to add a partner on an implementation of Activator. See Import a partner.

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