Import a backed-up community and its partners

Use this procedure to import a backed-up XML file containing a community and its associated partners.

To create a community backup, see Back up a community and its partners.

You can import a backed-up community file to a new instance of Activator with a fresh database or to an existing instance.

You must work in the Activator user interface to import the community backup. You import the same compressed file that was exported. Do not copy the file to the profiles\autoImport directory. The file is not compatible with auto-importing.

  1. Click Trading configuration > Manage trading configuration on the top toolbar to display the Communities page.
  2. Click Add a community to open the Add a community wizard.
  3. Select Import a backed-up and its partners from a compressed file and click Next.
  4. Browse to the directory where the backed-up file is located and type the password used when the community was backed up.
  5. Enter the password used by the export to protect private key certificates in both the Password and Confirm password text boxes.
  6. Select a type of import:
    • Replace if community exists
    • Rename the new community
    • Ignore if community exists
    • Update if community exists
  7. Click Next to import the file. A results page displays details about the imported configuration.
  8. Click Finish to import the backed up community and partners. If a duplicate community is detected, you can overwrite the existing community or rename the imported community.

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