Set up certificates for a community

Use this procedure to create self-signed certificates for a community or to load a third-party certificate for a community.

If you want to import a certificate from a third-party CA, such as VeriSign, you must obtain the certificate using your Internet browser and export it to a file before you begin this procedure. You must export the certificate to a file that contains the private key and the entire chain of trust. You need the password used to export the file from your browser to load the certificate into Activator.

If your organization has a CA server, check with the server administrator about certificate generating requirements before using this procedure.

This is not the procedure to use for importing a partner’s certificate. For that, see Import certificates for partners.

  1. To associate a certificate with a community, click Certificates on the navigation graphic on the community summary page to display the certificates page.
  2. Click Add a certificate to launch the certificate wizard.
  1. Select one of the following:
  • Create a self-signed certificate – Click if you want Activator to generate one self-signed certificate, for both signing and encrypting, or two self-signed certificates (dual key), one for signing and one for encrypting. Go to Generate self-signed certificates.
  • Import a certificate and private key from a file – Click if you want to use a third-party certificate. Go to Import key pair in certificate file.
  • Retrieve a certificate from a certificate authority – Select if your organization has a certificate authority server. The following certificate authorities are supported:
  • Entrust Technologies. Go to Import Entrust certificate.
  • RSA Keon. Go to Import RSA Keon certificate.

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