User roles and responsibilities

Design phase

During the design and configuration phase, you customize the environment and you configure the tools to implement the company specifications.

User Task description
Systems Engineer



Installs the system:

  • Uses the installation tool to set up the system in the targeted environments (work, test, production).
  • Updates the system parameters (database or system password, hostnames, and so on).
  • Installs the service packs.

Deploys the configuration package created in the Designer environment to the production environment. Developers can also manage the deployment between work and test environments.

Accounting Policy Specialist

Defines the

  • Events that are part of these products
Business Analyst Defines:
  • Attributes that are used by the data warehouses or other output systems
Analyst Specifies the business process to manage the data flows.
Manual modification or correction is only one step in the life of the files that travel through a data flow. The Analyst specifies the entire lifecycle of the files including the phases that require AccountingIntegrator.
Creates via the PassPort user interface users, roles and permissions to control the access to the Designer. This operation is typically performed by an Analyst with administration rights.

Configures the products using the Designer to define:

  • Data formats processes.
  • Dictionaries to localize the labels into the target languages.
  • Life cycle of the objects and collections of objects in the product.
  • Datasources that connect to database tables.
  • Import conditions that determine the format to use when a new file is imported into the product
  • Global settings for the server.
Simulates the data modification and tests the editors in a deployed AI Suite instance.
Creates report templates.

Configures the:

  • Input and output data structures.
  • Data extraction from external systems to inject them into the Datastore.
  • Data loading to external systems to extract them from the Datastore.




Implements the business process that is to manage the data flows integrating AccountingIntegrator into the global system.

Provides data structure definitions:

  • Defines or completes the data formats via the Designer.


  • Exits are also used to customize the system such as an alternate implementation of the CRUD API to answer to subledger requirements like monthly reconciliation, account balances, accounts trends statistics, business performances statistics…
  • Services: alternate implementation of a service like a new import file reader, export file writer, monitoring service or security interface.

Sets up the design environment:

  • Configures the work and test environment.
  • Deploys the configuration on the test environment.
  • Migrates the system to a new version.
Deploys the configuration of the Web server of the test environment (or redeploys after updates to exits and services as well as to technical configuration files). Once validated, the configuration is deployed to the production or pre-production environment.

Runtime phase (test or production)


User Task description
Application owner

Analyzes risks based on:

  • Aggregates results
  • Detailed operations

Analyzes business alerts based on:

  • Aggregates results
  • Detailed operations
Accountant, Business Analyst, Auditor, Systems Engineer

Creates and executes queries, updates query preferences to get better restitution of his requirements.

Daily operations

User Task description
Flow Manager

Ensures that the system is working correctly by monitoring the events that are sent by the various components.

AccountingIntegrator provides a monitoring service that notifies events: when the user logs in or logs out, when files are imported to AccountingIntegrator or exported from AccountingIntegrator, when statuses are modified, when data is modified. These events can be sent to Sentinel. The user is then able to query the events and to use dashboards that aggregate the data into pertinent indicators.

Data storage

User Task description
Systems Engineer

Controls event flows and ensures the integrity of the data communication with Datastore.

Data Injection / Extraction

User Task description
Flow Manager

Controls event flows and ensures the integrity of the data communication with Datastore.

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