Session stopped

If the system stops the session, processing is halted, even if there are more Input-Events to process.


The processing error that causes the session to be stopped may arise for one of the following reasons:

Reason Meaning


A system error occurs


The checks on the parameter settings fail on startup


An anomaly occurs either:

  • While the Input-Events are being read in
  • During the sort of the Input-Events
  • During the sort of the Output-Events
  • During aggregation of the Output-Events
  • In the restructuring exit for the Output-Events
  • While the transformation results are being written


The permitted thresholds for anomalies are reached
(See the table in Input-Event in anomaly during transformation)


Only the validated products are generated.

All the transformation anomalies encountered up to this point are set out in a report.

The return code is either of the following:

  • 10 (error threshold breached)
  • 12 (configuration error)
  • 16 (system error)

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