Reminder about how the Rule Engine works

This consistency of processing and result is maintained through the use of a 'hierarchical' approach to errors in the processing, as follows:

  • Processing Error
  • No anomalies or rejections during transformation
  • The Input-Event is placed in anomaly during transformation
  • The Input-Event is rejected
  • The group of Input-Events is rejected
  • The session is stopped

Transformation Errors: Return codes

Transformation errors cause a return code to be set when the execution is completed. The return code reflects the most serious error found during transformation.

The table below lists the return codes in ascending order of seriousness / gravity.

Type of Transformation Error Return Code Set

No transformation errors

0 (zero)

Input-Event placed in anomaly during transformation


Input-Event rejected


Input-Event group rejected


Session stopped: Anomaly threshold reached


Session stopped: Fault in parameters


Session stopped: Incorrect key


Session stopped: System error


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