Manage Rule Engine configurations with the Repository

At runtime, the Rule Engine Server configures and manages the different instances of Rule Engine using the configuration information stored in the Repository.

The configuration information is composed of:

  • Configuration files from the AI Enabler: structures, formats for data and tables, rules to be applied, and so on. The configuration is deployed as a set of 1 ctx.mvt + 1 mvt.mvt files. Optionally, the configuration may contain an export.xml file (financial export).
  • Internal table values: extracted from the central referential of the company. Used to validate the rules inside the Rule Engine transformations. The tables are deployed as an mvt.mvt file.

Import configuration into the Repository

The AI Enabler configuration files are imported into the Repository incrementally because they change less frequently than the configuration of the internal tables. This way, only the modified objects need to be deployed from AI Enabler when the configuration changes.

The configuration of the internal tables is updated with each change.

When imported into the Repository, the AI Enabler configuration files are associated to:

  • an application name
  • an identifier (configuration identifier)

When imported into the Repository, the internal table files are associated to:

  • an application name
  • a configuration identifier
  • an identifier (table identifier)

Managing Rule Engine configurations in xml format

You can generate information about the configuration of Rule Engine in xml format in the following files:

  • mvt.xml : structures, data formats, rules to apply, except internal tables
  • tables.xml : values of internal tables extracted from the central company repository

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