Structure of the messages transmitted

Messages containing Input-Events to be transformed must be structured in the fixed format as defined in this section.

The context and structure of the message must follow certain rules if the Manage Groups option is enabled. For more information, refer to Manage groups with MQSeries or JMS.

The message context is not subject to any special rules if you have not activated the Group Management option.

However, whatever options you activate, you must follow the rules set out below.

Rules to follow for each message to be transmitted:

Rule Meaning


All segments of one Input-Event must be transported in a single message


The maximum length of a message depends on the version of the MQSeries or the JMS broker you are using. It is set by MQSeries at 100 MB for MQSeries V7


Several (complete) Input-Events can be transported by a single message
In this case the last segment of the message is the last segment of the last Input-Event in the message

The data carried by the Input-Event message must be formatted as shown in the following table:

Field Length Value


64 characters


Number of segments

7 characters

Number of segments in the message (N)

Length of segment 1

4 characters


Segment 1

1 to 4000 characters




Length of segment N

4 characters


Segment N

1 to 4000 characters


Note   The number of segments and the length of each segment are expressed as long data types (PIC X or CHAR).

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