Communication between sites

This section discusses the general organization that you require in order to ensure proper communication between AI Enabler and the various Rule Engine sites.

Since the reference parameter settings are located in AI Enabler, you require a general procedure that reflects the way in which your enterprise works.

The following table explains the objective of this procedure.

Step Action


To export the coded objects from AI Enabler to the simulation site, to check the coding (*)


To correct any errors found in the coding and to return to step 1


To export the coded objects to the pre-production environment, in order to check them against any other objects already present in that environment (*)


To correct any errors found in the coding and to return to step 1


To export the validated objects to the full production environment (*)

(*) The coded objects are exported:

  • Either in connected mode via the Broadcast Agent in the AI Enabler interface
  • Or in disconnected mode. The configuration containers created in the AI Enabler are then deployed via the rdjdep tool. For more information on this tool, refer to Change the Rule Engine license key

You can change the Rule Engine license key provided during installation in one of the following files depending on your operating system:

OS Core File name
Others [Install_Path]\RuleEngine\core\res\ rdjkey.txt

These steps are required to ensure that the information stored by AI Enabler is accurate and to enable Rule Engine to permanently update the parameter settings used in the production environment.

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