AccountingIntegrator architecture

AccountingIntegrator architecture

Design tools

The design tools enable you to define the configuration of the different services.

In the Composer, you define the accounting configuration for the Accounting transformation service handled by the AccountingIntegrator.

In the Designer you define the configuration for:

  • Completing the data formats that have been created in the Composer.

The Event Processor triggers the publication of the configuration into the Configuration Repository to be referred to by all components.

Runtime tools

The runtime tools enable you to use the AccountingIntegrator services:

  • The Rule Engine applies the defined accounting regulations to provide :
    • Postings for the General Ledger (GL)
    • Output events for downstream applications
    • Audit traces of the accounting transformation steps
  • The Rule Engine Server, an optional component of AccountingIntegrator, provides an online accounting transformation service by encapsulating and dynamically managing a set of rule engines instances.
  • Component configuration with the administration tool, Administration
  • Report Server
  • Component interaction with the Event Processor. The Event Processor reacts to incoming events such as, incoming files, scheduled time events or incoming REST events; and triggers related actions.

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