AccountingIntegrator table access - Examples of calls to RDJTAB

The following tables in the mvt.mvt file have been used in the examples:

TABTABLES                          0

TABTABLES                          1  ON02A007SHORT TABLE WITHOUT VALDEF    O

TABTABLES  01               19912311P1O1111111!

TABTABLES  02               19912311P1O2222222!

TABTABLES  03               19912311P1O3333333!

TABTABLESVD                        0

TABTABLESVD                        1  ON02A007SHORT TABLE WITH VALDEF   

TABTABLESVD...VALDEF...     19912311P1O7777777!

TABTABLESVD01               19912311P1O1111111!

TABTABLESVD02               19912311P1O2222222!

TABTABLESVD03               19912311P1O3333333!

TBLTABLEL                          0

TBLTABLEL                          1  OA020A050LONG TABLE WITHOUT VALDEF     O

TBLTABLEL  000000000000000012991231 A1O01

TBLTABLEL  000000000000000012991231 P1O19910131

TBLTABLEL  000000000000000022991231 A1O02

TBLTABLEL  000000000000000022991231 P1O19910228

TBLTABLEL  000000000000000032991231 A1O03

TBLTABLEL  000000000000000032991231 P1O19910331

TBLTABLELVD                        0

TBLTABLELVD                        1  OA020A050LONG TABLE WITH VALDEF

TBLTABLELVD000000000000000012991231 A1O...VALDEF

TBLTABLELVD000000000000000012991231 P1O19911231

TBLTABLELVD000000000000000022991231 A1O01

TBLTABLELVD000000000000000022991231 P1O19910131

TBLTABLELVD000000000000000032991231 A1O02

TBLTABLELVD000000000000000032991231 P1O19910228

TBLTABLELVD000000000000000042991231 A1O03

TBLTABLELVD000000000000000042991231 P1O19910331

Note   Before you call RDJTAB, you must update these AccountingIntegrator tables via the rdjmaj procedure.
Note   For utf16 mode , short tables TABLES and TABLESVD above should be converted into long table.

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