Set environment variables

All the environment variables are set automatically by the Installer in the shell script rdjenv (rdjenv.bat on Windows) located in the runtime script directory (<RDJ_EXEC>/script).

If you do not want to use this script, you must ensure that the profile associated with the login contains the environment variable you need.

The CobolIT provider is installed by default on all platforms. If you select Microfocus, define the variable COBOL_PROVIDER before proceeding with the installation.

For UTF16, the provider Microfocus is only used and installed by default.

If you are using a COBOL-IT provider:

All platforms

  • COBOL_PROVIDER=cobolit
  • COBOLITDIR= <RDJ_HOME>/cobolit if you are using only the runtime or if you need to compile an Exit in COBOL:
    • COBOLITDIR=<your COBOL-IT Compiler Suite directory>
    • Export COBOLIT_LICENSE=$COBOLITDIR/axway.xml

UNIX/Linux platforms only


If you are using a Microfocus provider:

All platforms

  • COBOL_PROVIDER=microfocus

UNIX/Linux platforms only


The following environment variables enable you to access the shared directories (depending on the OS type) and is automatically set in the rdjenv shell script:

  • COBDIR=<installation directory in the current version of COBOL Server Express>

Rule Engine MQSeries installation only:

  • MQM_HOME=<installation directory in the current version of MQSeries>
Platform Variable Value



$RDJ_EXEC/exit:$RDJ_HOME/envref/exit:$COBDIR/lib:$RDJ_HOME/bin[ :$MQM_LIBPATH]*[ :$LIBPATH]



$RDJ_EXEC/exit:$RDJ_HOME/envref/exit:$COBDIR/lib:$RDJ_HOME/bin[ :$MQM_LIBPATH]*[ :$SHLIB_PATH]







* Rule Engine MQSeries installation only

  • 32 bits : MQM_LIBPATH=$MQM_HOME/lib
  • 64 bits : MQM_LIBPATH=$MQM_HOME/lib64

For Birt Edition

Set the Java and Birt Runtime path in an environment variable ( JAVA_HOME and BIRT_HOME),and add the path of the binaries (JAVA_HOME/bin and BIRT_HOME/bin) in the environment variable PATH.

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