This section explains how to migrate an AccountingIntegrator 2.2.1 installation to AccountingIntegrator 2.3, keeping the previous configuration.

Caution   Before migrating AccountingIntegrator 2.2.1, you must migrate PassPort to version 4.6.0 SP12.


The installed version of AccountingIntegrator must be 2.2.1 (with or without a service pack installed).

Make sure you perform the following actions before you migrate:

  1. Export the project's configuration from Designer 2.2.1:
    • Each application should be exported in a corresponding folder.
    • Common application names are default and interaction.
  2. Export the AIConfiguration and registry.xml:
    • Use [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Repository/extra/export as value for [exportFolder] in the steps below.
    • Start the Repository console in [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Repository/startConsole
    • Run the following command: exportAiConfiguration [exportFolder]
    • Run the following command: exportRegistry [exportFolder]

Perform the migration

To migrate AccountingIntegrator 2.2.1 to 2.3:

  1. Stop AccountingIntegrator 2.2.1.
  2. Make an AccountingIntegrator 2.3 installation in a new folder and new database schemas for all components.
  3. When configuring the new components, make sure that they have the same component names as the ones from 2.2.1.

Migrate the Repository

  1. Configure the file [Install_path_2.3]/AIS/Repository/extra/migration/migrateTo_230/migration.xml exactly as follows:
  2. <migration>





  3. Note: [exportFolder] is defined in Prerequisites.
  4. Migrate the registry:
    1. Start the Repository console in [Install_path_2.3]/AIS/Repository/startConsole
    2. Run the following command: migrate –from 221

Migrate the Designer configuration

There are several application names (such as default and interaction) and each has its own configuration. Follow this procedure for each application configuration:

  1. Create the following folders:
    • [Install_path_2.3]/AIS/Designer/extra/work/migration/ImportFiles_2.2
    • [Install_path_2.3]/AIS/Designer/extra/work/migration/ImportFiles_2.3
  2. Note: If the folders already exist, clear their contents.
  3. Copy the Designer configuration that you exported in Prerequisites to [Install_path_2.3]/AIS/Designer/extra/work/migration/ImportFiles_2.2
  4. Call the migrate configuration ant-task:[Install_path_2.3]/AIS/Designer/extra/Tools/ant migrateConfiguration
  5. In Designer 2.3.0, use the Configuration Management button to load an appropriate configuration workspace (see notes at the end of this procedure).
  6. Import the configuration in Designer 2.3.0 from[Install_path_2.3]/AIS/Designer/extra/work/migration/ImportFiles_2.3
  7. Deploy the configuration on the application.


  1. The first time the Configuration Management button is used, the current configuration workspace will be named default and the list will be empty. No action is required in order to deploy on the default application.
  2. After deploying to the default application, you can use the following steps to select other configuration workspaces, for example interaction:
    1. Open the Configuration Management window by pressing the Configuration Management button.
    2. In the Create configuration field, enter the value interaction, then press the Add button.
    3. From the table, select the line with name interaction.
    4. Click the Switch to button.
    5. Confirm the two dialogs.

Migrate the AIConfiguration

  1. Import the AIConfiguration:
    1. Start the Repository console in [Install_path_2.3]/AIS/Repository/startConsole
    2. Run the following command: importAIConfiguration [exportFolder]
    3. Note: [exportFolder] is defined in Prerequisites.
  2. Confirm that the AIConfiguration was imported successfully by running the command: ListAIConfiguration


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