Install AccountingIntegrator

This section explains how to use the Installer to install AccountingIntegrator.

Installation modes

The Installer has the following installation modes:

  • GUI mode is supported on Windows, UNIX and Linux. However, to use on UNIX platforms, the Installer requires an X-Window environment. To use an X-Window distributed environment, you must export the DISPLAY environment variable: export DISPLAY=myhost.mydomain:0.0.
  • Console mode displays a series of prompts requiring user responses or actions.
  • Silent mode enables you to perform an installation or configuration in a non-interactive mode.
  • You do not have to enter any parameters in the GUI or console. See Silent mode installation.


Before you start installation you have:

  • downloaded the installation package from Axway Support.
  • The download instructions are in the welcome letter that Axway sent you in an email message.
  • uncompressed or unzipped the package.

Installation package contents

The installation package is a zip archive. Once you unzip it, it contains:

  • Components/
  • Installer/
  • Java/
  • Tools/
  • EULA.html
  • EULA.txt

And, depending on the environment:

  • UNIX:
  • Windows 64-bit: setup64.exe

The Components/ folder contains the AccountingIntegrator product files.

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