Manage flows

The Flows menu item displays a list of Events that is displayed when you select the Flows tab. You can also choose to display a list of Reports. This panel is composed of a grid that displays the Events received by the different components.

You can:

Display Events

When you open the Flows menu a list of Events is displayed along with information including:

  • The number of events
  • The date/time when the events were loaded
  • The interaction status legend:
    • Red for interactions in progress
    • Green for finished interactions
    • Properties:

      EVENT ID Event identifier
      CREATION DATECreation date/time of the event
      TYPEType of the event
      COMPONENTComponent name
      LISTENER IDIdentifier of the listener that has generated the event
      INTERACTIONInteraction name
      INTERACTION IDInteraction identifier
      FLOWFlow name
      PROPERTIESProperties from the event header. Example: CollectionTypeName: ACCDOC, CollectionTypeVersion: 1

Click the Filter button to filter the events by column.

Remove an event

  1. Select one or more events in the list and click Remove.
  2. Confirm your action.
  3. You are redirected to the Events list.
Note   You can also remove all events by clicking Remove all.

Display and download reports

  1. In the Events list, click Reports.
    The Reports are displayed in a list along with information including:
    • The number of reports
    • The date/time when the reports were loaded
    • Properties:

      LABELThe name of the report. This is also a hyperlink that starts the report download.

      The type of the report.


  2. You can download the reports by selecting the reports and clicking Download.

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