Manage applications

The Applications list is the first panel that is displayed when you select the Applications tab. This panel is composed of a grid that displays the registered applications information.

You can:

Display application information

  1. In the Applications list, click on the corresponding Name cell of an application.
    • In a form with labels
    • Grouped in categories (Identification, PassPort).
  2. You can now:
    • Go back to the Applications list.
    • Edit an application.
    • Duplicate an application
    • Delete an application.
    • Reset KeyStore

PassPort settings

The PassPort parameters are defined per application name. Each PassPort-enabled component uses the parameters that correspond to its application name.

PassPort self-registration must be executed per each component and the certificate must be shared between components when a PassPort connection is created. The certificate is stored in the Repository and the synchronization between components to execute self-registration once, is done using the database.

The Truststore and Keystore are stored into the database.

Edit application information

The application is locked as soon as it is displayed. If another user tries to edit the same application then:

  • The read-only panel is displayed.
  • The application {applicationName} is currently being edited by another user.
  1. Select one applications from the list and click the corresponding Name cell to display the details page. Click Edit.
  1. Modify application information as necessary.
  2. Save your updates.
    The application details page is displayed.

Create a new application from scratch

  1. From the Applications list, click Add application without selecting any application.
  2. Complete the application fields.
  3. Save your update.
  4. You are then redirected to the Applications list.

Create a new application from an existing application

  1. In the Applications list, select and application and click Duplicate.
  2. Update the application fields as required.
  3. Save your update.
  4. You are then redirected to the Applications list.

Delete an application


You cannot delete an application if there is at least:

  • One component that uses this application.
  • One runtime instance that uses this application.
  1. Select one or more components in the list and click Delete.
  2. Confirm your action.
  3. You are then redirected to the Applications list.

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