Use the Repository administration scripts


supplies a set of batch scripts that handle various aspects of the Repository administration. The scripts are located in the Repository installation folder.

To run the administration scripts, you must use the command tool provided in the Repository installation. All the parameters and configuration for the repository scripts are set during the installation of the component, therefore no further configuration is necessary.

Script execution

For all command scripts, the directories that are specified for command lines must exist on the local disk. If not, an error is raised.

In commands:

  • Square brackets [...] indicate that the parameter or value is optional.
  • Angle brackets <...> indicate that the parameter or value is mandatory.

Custom command scripts

In the configuration/ file, you can define a custom command that include unitary commands separated by commas (','). You must however prefix the command name with 'CMD.' for it to be displayed in the help.

Samples of custom commands are provided in the It is recommended that you do not modify these commands.

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