Transformation details


In the script.ges file, set the parameter: PRINT_DETAIL_TRANSFORMATION to YES to activate the Transformation Detail Report, or NO to deactivate it.

This report details the content of Output-Events and modified segments produced by transforming each of the Input-Events delivered to the session. It uses the ap.Detail_Transformation intermediate data file.

This is an extensive report, which is normally used to tune the parameter settings. It is recommended that you deactivate it in production. This report can be empty if no Output-Event nor updated record is generated.

The report gives the following information for each segment of each Input-Event processed:

Transformation detail – Header

The header for each of these three tables contains the following information



Input-Event Code

Name of the type of Input-Event processed

Input-Event Version

Version number of the Input-Event type processed

Instance (optional value)

Instance code identifying the Input-Event processed

Group (optional value)

Code for the group to which the processed Input-Event belongs

Segment N°

Sequence number of the segment within the Input-Event processed

Segment Status

Status of the segment at the time that the Transformation-Rule is applied:

  • Delivered:The contents of the segment have not been transformed by a Enrichment-Rule
  • Modified:The contents of the segment have been transformed by a Enrichment-Rule

Segment Code

Name of the type of segment processed


Name of the active domain


The name of the phase that was executed

Rule Code

Name of the rule applied

Rule Version

Start and end dates for the validity of the version of the rule that was applied

Contents of the processed segment

This report displays the values of each of the fields that make up the processed segment.
The table below lists these fields.

Column Name Meaning

Symbolic Field Name

Name of the field in the structure.


Description of the field.

Field Value

Value of the field in the current segment. This may be empty if the value has not been supplied.

Properties and contents of the Output-Event produced

This table is preceded by the sub-title: Output-Event(s) Produced by the Segment and contains the following information:

  • Output-Event number: Order number of the Output-Event in the Transformation-Rule
  • Financial-Case number:Order number of the Financial-Case in a Transformation-Rule
  • Mapping Rule number:Order number for the Mapping Rule within the Output-Event in a Transformation-Rule
  • Aggregation-Rule:Name of the Aggregation-Rule (if aggregation is activated and the Rule applied)
  • Version:Dates delimiting the validity period in which the Rule is applicable
  • Audit-Rule:Name of the Audit-Rule (if auditing is activated and the Rule applied)

Contents of the modified segment

This table is preceded by the sub-title: Modified segment.

The contents of the modified segment are displayed in the report. The layout is the same as for the contents of the current segment, described above).

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