Output-Event aggregation detailed report

This report summarizes the results of the aggregation process applied to Output-Events during the session. It uses the ap.Accounting_Aggregation intermediate data file.

In the script.ges file, set the parameter Detail_Osegt_Aggregated to YES to activate the Output-Event Aggregation Report, or NO to deactivate it.

It provides the following details of the aggregation process:

  • Account
  • Direction code
  • Sign
  • Aggregation criteria

This report is only produced if the Output-Event aggregation option is enabled.

It is activated for a given Processing-Context-Out which has the following two options applied:

  • Rule aggregation on the amounts to aggregate
  • Valid accounting checks for :
  • Account
  • Amount
  • Direction
  • Sign


A new table with the following details is generated for each separate Output-Event the in group:

  • Account: Account number
  • Direction: Direction code
  • Sign: Sign for the amount 
  • Aggregationcriteria

The last line of each table presents the cumulative total of all the amounts in the body of the table.

The information contained in the columns of this table is set out as follows:

Column Meaning


Output-Event reference read


Amount read from an individual Output-Event with a credit direction code


Amount read from an individual Output-Event with a debit direction code


Total and direction code of the aggregated Output-Event 


Number of Output-Events included in the aggregation

The report only displays a single debit or credit total.

Reformatting using exits

You can use the ITR615 exit to reformat lines in the report as follows:

  1. Process type 5 in this exit enables you to reformat the 62-character zone LLLIGNE starting from position 47.
  2. Display the amounts in decimal format by indicating the number of decimal points required (from 0 to 9) in the zone LLNBDECIM.
    The decimal separator is a comma (,). By default the value is fixed at zero (no decimal places).

Activate exit ITR615 in the script file when you launch the report using the following syntax: Detail_Osegt_Aggregated = OUI[exit615].

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