Output-Event aggregation counters – File specific

This report sets out the results of the aggregation applied to the Output-Events in the session. It uses the ap.OSegt_Aggregation_Counter intermediate data file.

In the script.ges file, set the parameter: Print_Report_Aggregation_OSegt to YES to activate the Output-Event Aggregation Counters Report, or NO to deactivate it.

The report provides aggregation statistics broken down by Processing-Context-Out. It is only produced if the option to aggregate Output-Events is enabled.

Title:  Output-Event Aggregation Counters Report

A new table is generated for each separate element in the group (optional information).

Each table ends with a Total line, which gives the total for that table.

The table below shows the information contained in the columns of this table:

Column Name Meaning


Name of the output associated with the Output-Events processed

Rule Code

Name of the aggregation rule applied to the Output-Events. Optional information

Rule Start and Finish

Start and end dates for the validity of the version of the rule


Number of Output-Events read


Number of Output-Events resultialso ng from the aggregation

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