Input-Event aggregation detailed report

This report summarizes the results of aggregation applied to Input-Events during the session. It uses the DETAGI intermediate data file.

In the script.ges file, set the parameter Print_Detail_Agreg_Ievent to YES to activate the Input-event Redirection Report, or NO to deactivate it.

The report provides the following details of the aggregation process:

  • Input-Event Aggregation-Rule
  • Input-Event  type

This report is only produced if Input-Event Aggregation is activated.


A new table is generated for each separate element in the group and comprises the following details:

  • TYPE AGREG CRE: 2 possible values:
  • EXTRACRE: aggregation extra-CRE
  • INTRACRE: aggregation intra-CRE
    (refer toInput-Event aggregation counters – File specific)
  • CODE REGLE: Code for the Aggregation-Rule applied
  • VERSION: Validity period for the Aggregation-Rule applied.
  • CRITERES D’AGREGATION:Aggregation criteria

Each table ends with a Total line, which gives the total for that table.

The information contained in the columns of this table is set out as follows:

Column Name Meaning

Input-Event identifier

Input-Event name


Amount, numbered 1, read from the Input-Event


Amount, numbered 2, read from the Input-Event


Amount, numbered 3, read from the Input-Event


Amount, numbered 4, read from the Input-Event


Amount, numbered 5, read from the Input-Event

Decimal points

You can display the amounts in decimal format by indicating the number of decimal points required (from 0 to 9) in the PARM zone in the REPORT module.

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