Deploy configuration containers

This step is only executed if you have chosen to process the business objects in disconnected mode. You must have previously created a configuration container in the Composer.

Axway provides the rdjdep tool with the product.

To deploy the configuration container:

  1. Copy the container resulting from AI Enabler and located in the <RDJHOME>/container
  2. <RDJHOME> is the prefix of the installation environment and the directory that contains all the reference objects (error files, executables and so on).
  3. Depending to your operating system, launch the deployment script from:
  4. <RDJ_EXEC>/script/
  5. Where <RDJEXEC> is the prefix of the run-time environment and contains the objects to be processed (options, objects to read and to produce).

The rdjdep script:

  • Checks the container prerequisites
  • Copies the Rule Engine repository files(ctx.mvt and mvt) of the container in the <RDJ_EXEC>/dat execution environment
  • Updates the Rule Engine(rdjmaj and rdjrch)
  • Sends the container configuration status to the Sentinel Tracked Objects ServerLog

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