Use an exit to reformat Input-Event messages and transformation products

The reformatting exit allows you to:

  • Decrypt, decompress and reformat the Input-Event messages as they are received and before you start the Rule Engine MQSeries or JMS native functions.
  • Encrypt, compress and reformat the Output-Event messages before they are sent and after you run the Rule Engine MQSeries or JMS native functions.

You call the exit for each queue declared in script.mqs or script.jms.

Parameter settings in script.mqs or script.jms

Queue= MQS,"Manager=Qmngr;Queue=queuename; Reformatting=Yes, Blocking =Yes; Buffer = nb"

Rules to follow:



Reformatting: Calls the exit to reformat the message either after it is received (for Input-Events) or before it is sent (for the transformation products)

Reformatting is an optional parameter. If you do not specify it, Rule Engine does not activate the exit.

  • Yes: The reformatting exit is activated
  • No:  The reformatting exit is not activated

For more information, refer to Exits and External Calls .

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