Change AccountingIntegrator configuration

Many configuration parameters are set during installation. If you later want to reconfigure AccountingIntegrator, you can use the Configure function of the Installer. See Configure product.

You can update the by using the Axway Installer configure mode. The file is located in the Composer installation directory composer\properties to modify the parameters that you specified during the installation procedure. For example, you can modify the language, the machine name, port number, Internet Browser path and database access parameters.

If you want to modify the file manually, refer to the Composer Administrator's Guide for additional information.

Modify an installation

Use this procedure to modify the installed modules.

GUI mode

  1. Launch the setup script from the installation package.
  2. The Installer automatically detects the products installed on your system.
  1. Select the installation you want to modify.
  2. The product tree is displayed.
  3. Select the new product or products you want to add.

Console mode

  1. Start the Installer in console mode:
  2. UNIX: –m console
  3. Windows: setup32 –m console
  4. A list of installed product directories is displayed.
  1. Specify the number of the installed directory you want to modify.
  2. Specify the number of the product you want to add.
  3. If [i] appears in the second bracket it means the product is already installed.
  4. Follow the remaining instructions.

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