This section explains how to migrate an AISuite 2.1.0 installation to AccountingIntegrator 2.2.1, keeping all the data and all non-history entries preferences.


The AISuite version must be 2.1.0 SP7 or higher.

Make sure you perform the following actions before you migrate:

  • Deploy the configuration from the Designer to the Repository, and InterPlay.
  • The AISuite Repository configuration must be in sync with the configuration of the Designer and InterPlay.
  • Back up the AISuite 2.1.0 database. The migration will update the InterPlay databases to the new structure.
  • Export the project's configuration from Designer 2.1.0 by clicking Export project.
  • Export the preferences:
    • Start the Repository console in [Install_path_2.1.0]/AISuite/Repository/startConsole.
    • Launch the following command: exportPreferences <folder>

Perform the migration

To migrate AISuite 2.1.0 to AccountingIntegrator 2.2.1:

  1. Stop all the products in AISuite 2.1.0
  2. The database must be running.
  3. Perform an InterPlay 2.2.1 installation to a new folder and new database schemas for Repository and Designer, choosing the same components as the 2.1.0 installation.
    1. When configuring the new components make sure that they have the same component names as the ones from 2.1.0.
    2. When performing the AccountingIntegrator 2.2.1 installation, select migrate from 2.1.0 option for InterPlay. You must supply all the connection parameters to the 2.1.0 database.
  4. Execute the Designer command that migrates the configuration from 2.1.0 to 2.2.1.
  5. Import the migrated 2.1.0 InterPlay configuration into Designer 2.2.1.
  6. Without cleaning, deploy from Designer to the Repository only.
  7. Migrate the Repository:
    • Configure the file [Install_path_2.2.1]/AIS/Repository/extra/migration/migration_221.xml as follows:
    • Uncomment the following block and set the same application name and version as in the old Repository:
    • <migrateApplications>
      • <application>
        • <name>application_name</name>
        • <version>application_version</version>
      • </application>
    • </migrateApplications>
  8. Import the exported preferences from the old Repository using the command importPreferences <folder>.

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