This guide explains how to perform a full installation of AccountingIntegrator using the Axway Installer and how to upgrade it to the latest version.

About AccountingIntegrator

AccountingIntegrator is an integration and file transformation product for accounting events. It interprets and transforms Input Events according to the conversion rules you set up.

AccountingIntegrator enables you to:

  • Ensure the integrity of the accounting and financial systems according to the business systems.
  • Implement the accounting specifications and regulations.
  • Ensure the integrity of the data flow processing.
  • Ensure the synchronization with the accounting and financial systems.
  • Provide secured data to the accounting and financial systems.

Installation outline

The installation is done using the Axway Installer. It involves the following:

  • Definition of an instance of a database and creation of tablespaces and users
  • Installation of the configuration repository
  • Installation of PassPortAM and Sentinel if AccountingIntegrator must interoperate with them.
  • Installation of Composer and AI Enabler
  • Installation of AccountingIntegrator
  • Installation of the Designer if necessary
  • Installation of the Report Server
  • Installation of Administration
  • Installation of AccountingIntegrator, AccountingIntegrator and / or any other component than can be required in the process
  • Installation of InterPlay, Datastore and any other component than can be required in the process
  • Application of service packs and patches if any
  • Addition of AccountingIntegrator users in PassPort

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