Repository Server: Parameters tab

Field Contents

Rule Engine Parameters

Parameters required to determine the version of the AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine installation environment.
Server version (mandatory)

Specify the AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine product version to use. Possible versions are:


2.3.x (default)

The ctx and mvt files must comply with the version of the server selected. For example, if the deploy is made from a 2.3.x version of the Enabler to a 2.2.x Rule Engine version, only the 2.2.x compatible features are accepted when the broadcast files are generated.

If you try to use features that are not supported in a server of a lower version, the AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine will throw an exception.

Configuration Repository Parameters

Parameters required to uniquely define a path of where to deploy the generated configuration for a repository.

Application name Application name default value is default. The application concept is used to define an environment and ensure consistency of the structures. The application is a configuration set, so you can have multiple configurations defined for the same application.
Configuration name AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine Runtime configuration default value is 1. It can have any alphanumeric value, not just numbers.
Generation folder Represents the folder where to put the generated ctx and mvt files. Default folder is <Composer_Path> \enablers\AccountingIntegrator\AISRepository\<application name>\aiConfiguration\<configuration name>

Administration REST

Parameters required to access the Administration REST API.

URL Base URL to reach the Administration application.
Username Enter the username and password for accessing the Administration REST API. These credentials must belong to a user that has the Update action privilege on the administration resource, with the property TOPIC= AIConfigurations.

The configuration deployment generates for an AccountingIntegrator Repository Server, in the defined Generation folder, the mvt.mvt and ctx.mvt files. For a new deployment with the same application and configuration name, the files are overwritten.

Using Back to design with any selection, or Send to Server with only Axway Server objects selected from Composer does not affect the mvt.mvt and ctx.mvt files. The action releases the locks from the Composer objects that are currently selected, allowing users to modify them. This behavior applies only when issuing the commands to an AccountingIntegrator Repository Server.

If Administration REST parameters are set, then the configuration or internal tables, (see Internal table management) that are sent to the server are pushed to the repository using a REST call. In case of failure, an error message is displayed, but the send to server operation is unaffected.

The repository allows incremental deployment for the configuration:

  • If there is no existing configuration for a given application and configuration name in the repository, the configuration will be created as a base version.
  • If a configuration already exists for the given application and configuration name, it is attached as an update to the previous versions.
  • When using the configuration from the repository, it is applied to the AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine sequentially, from the first version to the last.


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