Internal table management

This functionality applies if objects of type Table are sent to an AccountingIntegrator Repository Server isolated from the rest of the configuration. In this case, instead of generating the standard mvt.mvt and ctx.mvt file configurations, a folder named tables is created and contains a collection of files. Each file corresponds to a Composer Table object sent to server. The naming convention is <tablename>.mvt. The location is the same as the one set in the generation folder. By default, the path is <Composer_Path> \enablers\AccountingIntegrator\AISRepository\<application name>\aiConfiguration\<configuration name>\tables.

In this way, internal tables are easily updated when using the AccountingIntegrator Repository Server and therefore, a Rule Engine Server to manage the Rule Engines. To modify an internal table:

  • Remove the table from the server (back to design).
  • Do the updates and send to the server just the modified table without the rest of the configuration.
  • The specified table is updated in the repository. The tables are not updated incrementally and only the last version of each is kept in the repository.
Note   For more information on updating tables, see the AccountingIntegrator User Guide.

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