Monitoring implementation steps

The procedure for configuring AccountingIntegrator Enabler for Sentinel monitoring is as follows:

  1. Install the Sentinel Enabler.
  2. Install the AccountingIntegrator Enabler Enabler.
  3. Install the Sentinel Server.
  4. Install the Universal Agent if there is audit tracking.
  5. Install on the same platform the AccountingIntegrator Enabler Rule Engine and Sentinel Event Router
  6. Configure the Sentinel Server in the Sentinel Enabler.
  7. Configure the AccountingIntegrator Enabler Server in the AccountingIntegrator Enabler Enabler and broadcast it on the AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine to generate the file rdjstn.ini.
  8. Import Tracked Objects and Requests in the Enabler Sentinel and send them to production on the Sentinel Server.

For more information on installation procedures, refer to:

  • Axway Sentinel Installation Guide
  • Axway AccountingIntegrator Enabler Installation Guide


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