Importing Tracked Objects and Requests

  1. Select Integration-Services in the Sentinel Enabler.
  2. Select Tools > Restore a deployment container....
  3. In the Container source section , select Composer Client, and browse files to select the folder <RDJ_HOME>\stn\container, where <RDJ_HOME> is the path of your RuleEngine core installation.
  4. In the Directory’s content section, select the folder corresponding to the language you want to use (RuleEngine_FR* for french, or RuleEnglish_EN* for English), and click Next.
  5. Select the option Import using object’s Folder hierarchy.
  6. Click Next in the following two screens and then click Finish.
    The system creates the sub-directories Sentinel/RuleEngine/Vacation(or Session)and Majand Raz that contain each a Tracked Object and predefined requests.

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