Implementing the business monitoring


  1. In the Composer, create:
    • An Axway Server for Sentinel Server
    • A Synchony Server for AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine
    • A Channel to link the two Axway Servers
  2. Define the Tracked Object(s) corresponding to the Output-Events that you want to monitor in Sentinel.
  3. Define the Sentinel requests that will be used to view the Tracked Object(s).
  4. Create the specific Processing-Context-Out(s) dedicated to Sentinel Business monitoring.
  5. Create the new Output-Event in the Transformation-Rule and use the Tracked Objects as Output-Event format.
  6. Send Sentinel and AccountingIntegrator Enabler configurations to Production.

Rule Engine

  1. Update the script.fic file.
    Declare each Processing-Context-Out dedicated to Sentinel and linked to business Output-Events files.
  2. Update the rdjstn.ini file
    Indicate in the business monitoring section of the file the HostName and the Port to use for Sentinel. 
  3. If necessary, in the rdjexp execution procedure, update the name of the Processing-Context-Out(s) dedicated to Sentinel.
  4. Run the session procedure with the business option:
    rdjexp file business
  5. Launch Internet Explorer.
  6. Open the Monitoring menu of the Sentinel Server to submit the requests.

For more information, refer to the AccountingIntegrator Sentinel Interoperability Guide.


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