About configuring AccountingIntegrator Enabler

Configure the Universal Agent

Activate the variables

Configure the Universal Agent

Configuration prerequisites

Verify that the latest AccountingIntegrator Enabler patch is available on the Web support.

Configuration steps

Before you can monitor AccountingIntegrator Enabler, you must configure AccountingIntegrator Enabler to communicate with the Event router and send messages to Sentinel.

To do so, you must:

  • verify the Sentinel Agent configuration for AccountingIntegrator Enabler in the rdjstn.ini file to make sure that the Rule Engine sends the appropriate tracking messages to the Event Router);
  • activate in the shell script or JCL the variables that trigger AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine to send Tracked Instances to Sentinel.

Activate the variables

Sentinel receives tracking information from AccountingIntegrator Enabler via the AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine shell scripts in batch mode:

  • rdjexp
  • rdjraz
  • rdjmaj

On AccountingIntegrator Enabler installation, these files are located in the procedures library of the AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine environment:

  • <rdj_exec>\script (UNIX, Windows)
  • <rdj_exec>.JCLLIB (MVS)

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