Mapping-Template: General tab

Complete the fields on the General tab as follows.

Field Contents



Enter a mandatory name for the Mapping-Template. This is the logical name that is used to reference the Mapping-Template object throughout the software. The maximum length permitted is 25 characters. Respect the naming conventions.


Enter an optional free-text description for the Mapping-Template. This text appears in the Entity Browser (Label field), in various lists in Composer and also as a ToolTip when you position the cursor over the Mapping-Template object.


This field displays the current status of the Mapping-Template, set to ToBeChecked by default. You cannot directly change the status in this field. [FOR DETAILS: life cycle and statuses]



Use this field to select a Business-Document whose format you want to use as the basis for the Mapping Rules you define in the Mapping tab.

When you select a different Business-Document, that is, select a Business-Document with a different format, the system displays a message asking if you want to keep the compatible Mapping-Templates, that is, the Mapping Rules with the same name as in the previous Business-Document.

Composer then displays the selected structure as the output Business-Document in the Mapping tab.

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