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About Data class

Data Class is a property that describes what kind of data can be handled by AccountingIntegrator Rule Engine stored in a Composer object.

In Composer, you assign a Data Class to:

  • Business-Document fields or Pre-Calculation
  • Table columns
  • Variables

Constants in DML expressions also have a Data Class. When you define a Constant, you must respect the conventions for the relevant Data Class. For more information, refer to Defining Constants.

Throughout Composer, Data Classes are represented by their initial character (for example, D for Date). The following table introduces the Data Classes:

Data Class Data Characteristics


  • A date
  • Maximum length: eight characters


  • A whole number
  • Maximum length: 28 characters, including the positive or the negative sign (+,-)


  • Alphanumeric characters
  • Maximum length: 256 characters
Decimal Number

Number of fixed or variable decimal digits.

Fixed number of decimal digits

This option applies to the following data types:

  • Packed - (9(x)V9(y) COMP-3
  • Signed - S9(x)v9(y)
  • Numeric - 9(x)v9(y)

The field definition is displayed as DN13.6 (integer part and decimal part). It means that the total length is 13, including 6 decimal digits.

The maximum length is:

  • 9 for the decimal part
  • 28 for the total length

Variable number of decimal digits

The field contains:

  • Either a value.
  • Or the name of a numeric field in the Business-Document that contains the value.

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