AI Enabler 2.3.0 Release Notes

New features and enhancements

‘send to server’ for internal tables

The file is generated in a fixed directory for a ‘repository’ Axway server target, in order for the automated import in configurationRepository to take it into consideration

Automation for the configuration management

The configuration may be automatically pushed to the configurationRepository, using the Administration rest API

The financial export may be generated for a deployment to the confgurationRepository,so it is automatically taken into consideration in the AI configuration import.

Known issues

Refer to the known issues for Composer 3.8.


This section describes documentation enhancements and related documentation.

Documentation enhancements

A set of documents has been added to AI Suite, relating to the new product AI Suite Studio:

  • AI Suite Studio Installation Guide
  • AI Suite Studio Configuration Guide
  • AI Suite Studio User Guide

The AI Enabler documentation set includes the following documents:

AI Suite

Composer - AccountingIntegrator Enabler

  • Composer Deployment Guide
  • ComposerUser Guide
  • ComposerAdministrator Guide




AI Suite Studio

  • AI Suite Studio Installation Guide HTML
  • AI Suite Studio Configuration Guide HTML
  • AI Suite StudioUser Guide HTML
  • Axway Supported Platforms
  • Axway Interoperability Matrix

Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24x7 support for customers with active support agreements.
Email or visit Axway Support at


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