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About the Broadcast Agent

Installation prerequisites

Core functions

About the Broadcast Agent

The Broadcast Agent is responsible for updating the execution environments, that is the AccountingIntegrator Enabler Rule Engines, associated with the Axway AccountingIntegrator Enabler Server defined in the Topography workbench, with the results of Rules you defined in Composer. During the installation process, you specify the TCP/IP port through which the Broadcast Agent communicates with Composer.

The Broadcast Agent can manage and update several AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engines.

The Broadcast Agent creates and deletes each execution environment dynamically when you run the Install Product and Uninstall Product commands from the Other actions option in the Axway AccountingIntegrator Enabler Server contextual menu.

Prerequisites for installing the Broadcast Agent

The Broadcast Agent is a component that is part of the AccountingIntegrator Enabler Enabler and they are installed together. The Broadcast Agent cannot be installed separately. In order to install the AccountingIntegrator Enabler, a Composer installation is required on the target machine.

Create an AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine in the Topography workbench. The Broadcast Agent specified when you create an AccountingIntegrator Enabler Axway Server manages all modifications to the associated AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine.

Broadcast Agent functions

The Broadcast Agent:

  • Exports the Rules definitions from the Database to flat files via the SendToProduction function. The files generated to update AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine are stored in a TimeStamped directory.
    • mvt.mvt: Movement update parameter settings:
      • Input and output Business-Documents
      • Enrichment-Rules and Transformation-Rules
      • AccountingIntegrator Enabler Tables
      • AccountingIntegrator Enabler Variables
      • Mapping-Templates
      • Output-Event Financial-Tags
    • ctx.mvt: Functional contexts and Transformation-Domains:
      • Processing-Context-In or Processing-Context-Out objects
      • Aggregation-Rules, Audit-Rules and Balancing-Rules
      • Input-Events
      • Transformation-Domains
      • Sentinel audit trails
  • Updates the AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine environment by transferring the generated files to the runtime environment via the Commit function.
  • The ScriptConfiguration section is only exported when the server version is 2.1.X or higher.
  • When using the Create a deployment container action; the AccountingIntegrator Enabler server version is defined in the - XRDJ.serverVersion property.

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