AccountingIntegrator Enabler Rule Engine: General tab

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Enter a name for this AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine. Respect thenaming conventions. The name you enter here is used to reference a given AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine throughout the software.


Enter an optional free-text description for this AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine. This text appears in the hint bar when you position the cursor over the AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine name in the left pane. You can use the Label as search criteria on the Find tab in the Entity Browser .


This field displays the current status of the AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine, set to ToBeChecked by default. You cannot directly change the status in this field. [FOR DETAILS: life cycle and statuses]



Select a Host object. Alternatively, drag-and-drop a Host from the left pane. The Host corresponds to the machine that hosts this AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine. Once set, you cannot modify this value.



Select the AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine plug-in version number and platform associated with this Axway Server. After you set this value, you cannot modify it.

The system automatically creates the AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine Parameters tab and fields to the Properties window.


Select an Axway Server Template. The Axway Server inherits all the properties defined for the selected Axway Server Template. [FOR DETAILS: Templates]

Keep in mind that any values that you enter manually for this Axway Server override the Template values. If you subsequently update the Template, Composer still takes your manual entries into account.

To reuse the Template values, you must first delete the manual entries. The Template values are then automatically taken into account again.  

Broadcast parameters

Parameters that identify the address and port number of the Broadcast Agent. This agent communicates with the Composer server and sends your configuration to the execution engine (the AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine).

These parameters are required for running the following operations on the Broadcast Agent:

  • Installing and uninstalling the execution environments for each Axway Server managed by the Agent.
  • Sending or retrieving AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine configurations.
  • Updating the content of Tables.

Agent host

Enter the IP address or TCP/IP logical name (up  to 255 alphanumeric characters) of the machine where you installed the Broadcast Agent. You can enter the value localhost.

Agent port

Enter the port number (numeric) of the Broadcast Agent.

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