• A set of Financial-Cases which define a list of Output-Events to generate.
  • The Financial-Cases can be either inclusive or exclusive depending on whether or not other Financial-Cases can be executed at the same time:
    • If an exclusive Financial-Case is True, AccountingIntegrator Enabler executes it and stops further processing
    • If an inclusive Financial-Case is True, AccountingIntegrator Enabler executes it and then continues processing the next Financial-Case
  • A Transformation-Rule cannot process more than one segment at a time.
  • An Input-Event segment can be processed by 1 to n Rules.


  • Can contain 1 to 10 Financial-Cases designated by a number and a priority code:
  • Maximum of 90 Output-Events in a single Financial-Case or Transformation-Rule
  • You can set conditions on the Financial-Cases and Output-Events:
    • A unique execution condition for the Financial-Cases
    • A unique generation condition for the Output-Events
  • You can use several AccountingIntegrator Enabler elements (Input-Event segment, Pre-calculation, Variables, Tables, External calls) in conjunction with the logical operators AND and OR to test values in the condition expressions

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