The Table object stores internal business data in a structured manner. For example, Accounts, currency list, reference table and so on.

You can use the Table to look up the value associated with a given table argument.


  • The Table structure is multi-column for modification and display, but mono-column when used in the DML.
  • Comprises a key and values each of which you can express in several columns where each column refers to a given Business-Field:
    • Key: 128 characters maximum
    • Value: 256 characters maximum
  • Validity period: Each Table entry has a start and end date between which it is valid
  • Unsuccessful table entry search: Set parameters to perform either of the following actions if the Table entry search fails:
    • reject the Input-Event segment
    • retrieve the default value
  • Fast look-up: You can configure the system to load frequently used Table entries:
    • default values automatically stored in memory
    • number of entires loaded in memory is limited to 100 blocks of 4096 characters

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