The Processing-Context-Out object is the output point of a transformation. It represents the destination for the generated Output-Events  and comprises a list of processes to apply to them. For example, general accounts 1, general accounts 2, client accounts, supplier accounts, budget accounts, reports, risks, and so on.


Identifies the names of the Rules to apply to the Output-Event via either of the following:

  • Constant: The Rule name stored as a constant value
  • Field: The field in the Output-Event that contains the name of the Rule and the list of implemented Rules

Note: For each Rule the method you select must correspond to the identification method you defined in the Processing-Context-In.

Activates processing for a given session:

  • Accounting checks: This type of processing only concerns accounting Processing-Context-Outs. The process verifies that the following attributes of the values in certain mandatory fields in the Output-Event:
Attribute Processing-Context-Out verifies that...


Field value is numeric


Field contents correspond to the data type


Field value corresponds to one of the expected values



  • Reports: Enables you to select information from the Output-Event to write to the accounting journal generated by AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine. You must first activate Accounting checks to be able to do this.
  • Reversals

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