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About the Financial-Case tab

Using the icon bar

About the Financial-Case tab

Use the Financial-Case tab to define and use the accounting procedures that assign Output-Events generated by a Transformation-Rule as entries in the corporate accounts, reporting or statistical records.

The Financial-Cases tab lists the Financial-Cases defined in a Transformation-Rule. Financial-Cases are displayed on the tab in order of their execution. The following diagram schematically illustrates the Financial-Cases tab:


Displays the unique identifier of the  Financial-Case and indicates whether it is Exclusive or not.



Displays the execution priority for each Financial-Case


Displays the free text description for each Financial-Case


Displays the  execution condition for the Financial-Case

Icon bar

For each Transformation-Rule, you must define at least one Financial-Case. You can define up to ten Financial-Cases. You can open and edit several Financial-Cases at the same time.

You can also specify the priority of each Financial-Case:

  1. Double-click in the Priority field of a given Financial-Case. Composer opens the Financial-Case General tab.
  2. In the Priority field, set the priority of the Financial-Case. The lower the number, the higher the priority.

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Using the icon bar

Use the icon bar to perform the following operations:

Icon Function

Create a new Financial-Case

To add a new Financial-Case, select one of the existing Cases, or click the Financial-Cases line in the hierarchical list. Then click this icon to add the new Financial-Case at the end of the existing list.

Duplicate a Financial-Case

To copy a Financial-Case, select the Case you want to copy, then click this icon. The copy is added at the end of the existing list.

Renumber the Financial-Case

Click this icon to renumber the selected Financial-Case. Renumbering a Financial-Case can mean the system has to renumber other Financial-Cases.

Edit Financial-Case attributes

Click this icon to display the General tab of the selected Financial-Case object.

Analyze dependencies for the selected Financial-Case using the  Object Dependencies Browser.

Delete Financial-Case

Select the Financial-Case you want to delete. Then click this icon.

Note: You can access the icons described above from the contextual menu that is displayed when you right-click a line in the list of Financial-Cases.

The Financial-Cases associated with a Transformation-Rule are also visible in the Business View and Dictionary tabs as sub-nodes of the Transformation-Rule.

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