Activation dates tab

About activation dates

Setting activation dates

About the activation dates tab

Use this tab to set a new activation date to a Rule and a Server.

This tab is available and modifiable even if the object Rule is in read only mode. You can only specify activation dates on an object if you have modification rights on this object.

These dates are then displayed in the Server browser when you right-click in the Object list pane and select the corresponding columns from the contextual menu.

Setting activation dates

To create a new activation date:

  1. Click in the right pane.
  2. Complete the following fields.
Field Contents


Click to set the activation date.
By default, the system displays the current date.

The date must be included in the validity period (Beginning date <= Date < End date).


Select a Server in the list of available servers.


If activation dates already exist for the object, the screen displays the corresponding information.

If the Rule is in Production on a Server, the activation date is "locked" and you cannot modify it:

  • the first column displays the icon.
  • Server and Date fields are grayed out.
To Then

reorder items

Click the first column heading.

remove activation dates

Select a line and click .

modify an activation date

Click to set the activation date.

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