Input-Event: Transformation-Phase

Multi-Phase Processing

Phase recycling

Multi-Phase Processing

When you define an Input-Event, you can specify that it will be processed through one or more Transformation-Phases.

Each Phase defined in the Input-Event Processing tab comprises a set of linked Rules. Each Phase is executed independently of the other Phases for a given Input-Event.

The following table explains how the results produced depend on whether an exception occurs when AccountingIntegrator Enabler processes the Phase.

During the processing defined for a Phase, if...

Then AccountingIntegrator Enabler...

No exception occurs

generates the results of the Phase.

An exception occurs

  • cancels the results of the other Phase rules and generates the exception reports.
  • writes the name of the Phase with the exception in an Input-Event segment for recycling purposes.

Phase recycling

If AccountingIntegrator Enabler rejects an Input-Event during a session in a Transformation-Phase, you can correct the information contained in the Input-Event and recycle that Input-Event via the Processing tab.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Activate the Phase Recycling option on the Processing-Context-In Functions tab.
  2. Indicate in the transformation environment that you are in recycle mode.

AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine extracts the Phase name from the Phase codes in the segments and proceeds as indicated in the following table.

If the contents of the phase code ... then AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine...

are complete and the Phase name exists

executes only the Phase with the indicated name.

are complete, but the Phase name does not exist

rejects the Input-Event.

contain only blank spaces

executes all the Phases defined for the Input-Event.

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