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About Input-Event structure

Completing the Structure tab

About Input-Event structure

An Input-Event can be either mono-segment (it contains a single record) or multi-segment (it contains multiple records).

Mono-segment structure

To illustrate the concept, a mono-segment Input-Event can represent a single payment with all the payment details contained in one record.


Multi-segment structure

To illustrate the concept, a multi-segment Input-Event can represent a delivery invoice generated from an invoicing system. In this case, one invoice contains one heading, several invoice lines and an invoice footer.

Completing the Structure tab

Use the Structure tab to specify the number and type of segments in the Input-Event.

The Structure tab comprises two panels as schematically illustrated below:


Segment Type tab where you set or modify segment properties

List of Segments

Creating a segment

To add a new Segment Type to the Input-Event, click .
A new Segment Type is added to the list in the left pane. Complete the properties of this Segment Type in the fields in the Segment Type tab.

Completing the Segment Type tab

Every Input-Event must have at least one Segment type.

[FOR DETAILS About Segment structures]

Complete the fields on the Segment Type tab as follows.

Field Contents



Enter a mandatory name for this Segment type. This is the logical name that is used to reference the Segment Type throughout the software.

You can enter up to 25 alphanumeric characters. Respect the naming conventions.


Enter an optional free-text description for the Segment Type. This text only appears on this tab.



From the drop-down list, select an existing Business-Document to provide the structure for this Segment Type.

Although you typically use an input Business-Document, you can also select an output Business-Document which is the result of a previous process.

When AccountingIntegrator Enabler checks the Input-Event, it verifies the coherence of the fields referenced in the Rule.


Event Workshop and ISIMAN only

Select the Mandatory option to check that the Input-Event contains at least one segment of this type. For example, for an Input-Event with one header segment and several line segments, you can specify that the header segment is mandatory.


Event Workshop and ISIMAN only

Select one of the following Cardinality options to specify the number of each segment type required in the Input-Event:

  • Single (1): the Input-Event must not contain more than one segment of this type.
    In the multi-segment example you would define the Delivery Header and Delivery Summary segments as single cardinality since there must only be one of each in the Delivery Input-Event.
  • Multiple (n): the Input-Event can contain several segments of this type.
    In the multi-segment example you would define the Line segments as multiple cardinality because there can be several articles in the Delivery Input-Event.

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