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What is a Financial-Procedure?

A Financial-Procedure is a functional object that groups a set of Financial-Events produced by external applications and which flow into AccountingIntegrator Enabler to be processed.

A Financial-Procedure represents a functional processing category. All the Financial-Events that it contains represent the particular set of data flows that can be sent from external applications to AccountingIntegrator Enabler and which require processing that corresponds to this functional category. The examples in the following table illustrate this concept:

Financial-Procedure Contains


Financial-Events involved in a domestic funds transfer


Financial-Events involved in an international funds transfer


Financial-Events involved in permanent transfer requests

This business-oriented classification makes access to the information easier for non-specialist AccountingIntegrator Enabler users.


This example uses the Financial-Procedures introduced in the previous section to illustrate how the Financial-Procedures relate to other AccountingIntegrator Enabler objects. The sequence described below sets up a transfer operation in AccountingIntegrator Enabler:

  1. Create a Folder named Transfer.
  2. Create two Financial-Procedures: DOMESTIC TRANSFER and FOREIGN TRANSFER.
  3. Within the DOMESTIC TRANSFER Financial-Procedure create the following Financial-Events for each stage of the transfer:
  • Notification
  • Rejection
  • Treasury operations
  1. For each Financial-Event, define one or more Input-Events and set the validity periods.

The Input-Event defines the format of each segment that makes up the incoming Financial-Event and also the processing they will undergo when AccountingIntegrator Enabler  Rule Engine executes the session.

Each Input-Event contains one or more segments and each segment is associated with a Business-Document which specifies the physical structure of data in the segment.

  1. For each Input-Event, specify the processing required. This processing can include:
  • Pre-Processing: defines which Audit-Rules and Aggregation-Rules to apply to the segment(s)
  • Processing: defines which Audit-Rules, Enrichment-Rules and Transformation-Rules (both before and after enrichment) to apply to the segment(s)


Where is a Financial-Procedure?

Axway module

AccountingIntegrator Enabler



Object dependencies

When you define or import an object, it is stored in the metadata repository and is available for reuse by other objects. Typically, the objects that you define exist in a specific object hierarchy. That is, objects:

  • use objects below them in the hierarchy
  • are used by objects above them in the hierarchy

To help you manage the interlinked network of objects, the software provides the Object Dependencies Browser that displays the object dependencies for a selected object.

The following table lists the objects that use and are used by Financial-Procedures.



Are used by

  • None

How you define a Financial-Procedure

Before you define a Financial-Procedure

No previous steps are mandatory.

Defining a Financial-Procedure

Create the Financial-Procedure object from either the Dictionary tab or from the root node in the Business View tab. The following table summarizes how to create the Financial-Procedure in each tab.

To create a Financial-Procedure in Do this...

Business View tab

Right click the Business View root and select .

This creates a Financial-Procedure object in the current WorkFolder.

Dictionary tab

Click .

To define a new Financial-Procedure object, complete the following tab:

In addition, the Financial-Procedure properties window contains the following tabs:

  • Signature tab
  • Description tab

After you define a Financial-Procedure

After you define a Financial-Procedure object, you can use it to organize a set of Financial-Events to implement the processing inherent in the Financial-Procedure.

How you use a Financial-Procedure

You can perform all basic operations on Financial-Procedure objects, depending on your user rights.  [FOR DETAILS: Working with objects: Start here]

The Financial-Procedure does not follow the standard object life cycle. You cannot explicitly send this object to Production.

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